Vault 51 Drops Second Single “Magnolia” & Announce Debut EP

Atlanta rock quintet Vault 51 has released a new single titled, “Magnolia“, which follows up on their recent debut single, “Thirty Six“. The new release continues with the outfit’s colorful rock vibe with melodic driven riffs and clean harmonious singing, giving a glimpse on what’s to come from Vault 51.

“We chose to release Magnolia as a single, because we felt it was an appropriate song to reflect the overall theme that our EP gives off. That is, the idea that as we grow older, life seems to pass us by more and more quickly. Life is constantly ticking by, whether you want it to or not. And we spend so much of that time completely wasted. Everyone wants to create something beautiful before they die. To leave their mark on the world. We all start from nothing and strive to grow into something beautiful, much like a Magnolia flower.” -Vocalist, Landon Jones

Along with the new single, comes the announcement of the rock group’s debut EP Kid. Produced by Drew Fulk (I Prevail, Motionless In White) and mixed by Lee Rouse, the forthcoming EP is set to release July 20th. You can purchase the new single “Magnolia” on iTunes and watch the colorful visual below.

About Vault 51:

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Vault 51 is an alternative rock quintet from Atlanta, GA. Despite facing many obstacles that would force most to disband and move on, the group instead chose to persevere and press on with what they set out to accomplish. After years of developing their unique sound, Vault 51 is thrilled to release their debut EP ‘Kid’, available July 20th, 2017.



Artery Recordings Sign She Must Burn, Release “Possessed” Music Video & Self Titled EP


Artery Recordings has announced the signing of symphonic brutes She Must Burn. The London quintet released their self-titled debut EP as well as a music video for the first single “Possessed”.

“Possessed” takes place in a dark and seedy environment that serves as a prelude to the brooding six-song EP. “Our EP is really just an aggressive outlet for us all,” says vocalist Amy Miller. “Each song is about something different: personal relationships, everyday issues, things you can’t talk about with the people you know.

Buy the self-titled EP and exclusive merch bundles at the Artery Recordings website HERE.


1. Ascension
2. Possessed
3. The Misery
4. Into Light
5. Wish To Exist
6. Eclipse

About She Must Burn:

Symphonic brutes She Must Burn (For Fans of Motionless in White, Winds of Plague, The Breathing Process) will be releasing a devastating and dark self titled EP “She Must Burn” 01/29/15 on Artery Recordings (World Wide). Leading the way as the next generation of symphonic black metal to emerge from the UK scene. The band has already made a name for themselves touring with Cradle Of Filth, Heart Of A Coward, and being picked up by label Artery Recordings. “This band is going to pave the way for the next generation of aggressive but melodic music to shape the scene. I expect big things from She Must Burn and they fit perfectly among our roster” Says Artery President Shan Dan Horan.

She Must Burn has a blend of genres, comparable to Make Them Suffer and Bleeding Through screams with a hint of Evanescence type of vocals. She Must Burn bring it all together with heavy crushing guitar tones with tight symphonic elements and unstoppable devastating breakdowns. Keyboard player and clean vocalist Amy Miller says,“Our EP is really just an aggressive outlet for us all. Each song is about something different: personal relationships, everyday issues, things you can’t talk about with the people you know.”

It is hard to call She Must Burn anything but hard-working. With such an explosive start to their career, it is only a matter of time before they are solidified as the torch holders for the next generation of aggressive metal music.

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