Hi, my name is Lance Waste. I’m the singer of the band Darling Waste and the owner of The Heart Riot Agency, and lately, I’ve been pretty depressed and upset at the state of the world.
Instead of wallowing in my misery or being yet another critical voice to heap on the negative pile, I’ve decided to start this podcast. The goal of the Heart Riot podcast is to chat with other creatives who are actively putting their art out into the world.
Through in-depth conversations with musicians, authors, film makers, artists and more, I’m hoping to rediscover the excitement of being a creative person, spark and nurture other people’s creative endeavors and better learn how to balance being an artist and a functioning adult in this mad mad world.


Lance’s guest for Episode 3 is Jesea Lee, formerly of One Day’s Notice, who is about to launch his first solo e.p. Jesea is also the lead publicist for High Road Publicity. Listen in as Lance, Jesea and guest host Anthony Powers talk about the music industry, failed music projects, Linkin Park, John Mayer and much much more.

Lance’s guest for Episode 2 is Shawn Perry, lead singer of Shawn Perry and the Hazard County Rebellion. Shawn is also the owner of a guitar shop, founder of Valkyrie Guitars USA, and is running for mayor or a small town in Ohio!
Listen as Lance and Shawn discuss music, guitar making, small town politics and more!

Lance’s first guest is Anthony Powers, musician, graphics artist and founder of Seeworthy Design.
But here’s the catch, Lance didn’t tell Anthony he was going to be on a podcast. Listen as Anthony and Lance discuss the holidays, the evils of the music industry, being there for your lgbtq friends, getting married, shooting guns, #brovember, being a thanksgiving ref, pleasing our ladies and hockey.