Lydia Can’t Breathe Release NSFW Claymation Video For “Tastes New”

Florida rockers, Lydia Can’t Breathe has unveiled their new NSFW claymation video for the title track off their new album, Tastes New. The video showcases the band’s creativity as it comes in claymation form and tells the tale of two lovers meeting and growing old together.

“Tastes New is the title track of our new album as well as our first love song. We usually write about smoking weed, movies, or partying so this was a new thing for us. It’s about how when you first meet someone and fall in love how awesome it is. It’s like eating something that tastes amazing for the first time!” – Vocalist, Kyle Bolduc

Be sure to check out the video below and purchase Tastes New HERE.

About Lydia Can’t Breathe:

Today, rock music and metal music seem to have been masked, manipulated, and drawn with every characterization possible. With genres of stagnate duplications and pools of curiously aggressive music addicts, the looming fans looking for an outlet have come to find Florida quartet Lydia Can’t Breathe. Over the past few years they have made a lot of noise in the metal scene. While constructing a sound unique to the usual genre classifications, this metal/rock band from Florida defies the normal sound with an exciting mixture of growling vocals, natural vocals, driving an over tone of heavy break downs with catchy progressions.

Lydia Can’t Breathe is an American rock band from Central Florida. It consists of Kyle Bolduc (lead vocals), AJ Murphy (guitar), Josh Runfeldt (drums), Ryan Cowell (guitar) and Shad Roundy (bass). All the band members were born in the United States. Lead singer Kyle, is known widely among Lydia fans for his unique views that are expressed outspokenly in his lyrics. Along with their inapprehensible behavior while performing, together their styles combined make up Lydia Can’t Breathe.

Lydia Can’t Breathe has caused mayhem with bands such as; Otep, Mushroomhead, New Years Day, Stolen Babies, Soulfly, Bleeding Through, Born of Osiris, Oceano, Prong, Kill Whitney Dead, The Wretched, Skum of the Earth, Last Chance to Reason, SWWAATS, The Autum Offering, The Demonstration, Hell Within, The Architect, and Sleeping Giant. More recently, LCB toured the U.S. with Mushroomhead and Otep in 2013. Also alongside Hed PE and DOPE in 2014, while promoting their second full length studio album “Time.”

The element of variety and level of experimentation in Lydia Can’t Breathe’s music has made them difficult to classify, but Lydia Can’t Breathe for the most part, has maintained a single style throughout their body of work. Their genre has been termed alternative metal, alternative rock, rock, experimental rock, hard rock, heavy metal, stoner metal, progressive metal, and progressive rock.

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Bay Area Nu-Metal Group Sharp Tongue Drop Music Video For “DEILD”

The Bay Area band Sharp Tongue, who dub themselves as “Nu-Metalcore” have unveiled a new music video for their single “DEILD”. The song comes off the group’s four track EP, Petrichor which dropped September 22nd.

This song is about experiencing a DEILD (dream exit induced lucid dream). Exiting a dream when momentarily awaking, only to immediately re-enter that dream upon falling back asleep, in this case, a never ending nightmare, says vocalist, Allen Loesch. We tried capture the feeling of terror from this experience through this song and our new video.

Sharp Tongue has Petrichor available on iTunes and on their Bandcamppage, which is set up for a “name your price”. Watch the music video for “DEILD” below.

About Sharp Tongue:

The Bay Area has raised some of the finest acts in the metalcore genre, and continuing that tradition is none other than Santa Rosa’s Sharp Tongue. Originally founded in 2008 by a group of high school friends experimenting with varying degrees of pop-punk, hard rock, and metalcore, Sharp Tongue have grown to become what’s classified as “nu-metalcore”, a genre that combines metal of yesteryear with the features of the genre that the world knows today.

After spending numerous years experimenting with various types of music, the band turned to the music that originally influenced them and gave them their initial spark to pick up an instrument: throwbacks of the early 2000s. These musical influences are heard heavily throughout their four track debut EP Petrichor, set to be released in September 2017.

“We basically meshed all these inspirations from the bands that got us into music which created our own sound,” the band states. “It’s real, it’s organic, and we’re having the most fun we’ve had with music in a long time.” With even more new music in the works beyond Petrichor, the future is bright for Sharp Tongue.

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Pop Punk Band Bleacher Days announce December Tour with Riviera

The high-energy Boston pop punk band Bleacher Days will be setting out on tour this December with Riviera (who recently performed at the Warped Rewind at Sea event). The punk package will start in Stroudsburgh, PA and end in Attleboro, MA on 12/16 (full list of dates below).

Bleacher Days will playing songs off their upcoming EP I only Saw True Purpose, produced by Chris Piquette (Trophy WivesLions Lions). The angst-charged, introspective songs on the new EP are poppy, but still pack enough punch to keep the mosh pits moving. Vocalist Wren Mohammed says the new record “is the product of frustration resulting from our lives and our relationships. The songs are a blunt chronicle of the back end of a 7 year relationship I was in and start to finish, each song is just frustration.

In its first year of hard work, Bleacher Days has made an immediate impact on New England shows, rallying bands together and promoting in person on their way to selling out a 250 cap room with their most recent headliner. A feeling of camaraderie consumes the room when the band takes the stage and the relationships within the band run deeper than the band’s one year age would suggest. Longtime friends, past musical projects, and once abandoned ideas is what brought Bleacher Days together.

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Romancer Drops Official Music Video For “Nausicaa”

Ambient punk/post-rock quartet, Romancer has released their new music video and single “Nausicaa“, which comes of their upcoming EP titled, Honeybee, set to release November 24th. The new single is the first since group’s debut full length As We Both Close In On The Water which dropped in June of 2016.

“Honeybee is our most lyrically honest, and experimental release to date. I am so proud of us this time around, and I can say with confidence that we’ve all reached into the depths of our musicality and creativity to bring out the best in each other and this record.” -Romancer

With emo, pop punk and post-rock influences, the band brings a new and refreshing sound in a unique mix not heard in many bands today. Purchase or stream “Nausicaa” HERE and watch the new music video below.

Romancer will be complimenting their album release with a short tour, with indie rock band, Pfloog.

Connect with Romancer:

Romancer is a four-piece Ambient Punk-Rock band that comes from Kitchener Ontario, Canada. Combined of members with incredible musical talents, Romancer has one goal; to bring the fans a sound that toes the line between soft intimacy and explosive aggressiveness.

Currently, this bunch of humble guys are ramping up to the release of their new project “honeybee” – their second and latest release as Romancer. “Honeybee is our most lyrically honest, and experimental release to date. I am so proud of us this time around, and I can say with confidence that we’ve all reached into the depths of our musicality and creativity to bring out the best in each other and this record” says Romancer lead vocalist/guitarist Adam Horrocks. The band released their debut EP “As We Both Close in on the Water” last year on June 10, 2016. Shortly after the band released the record, it quickly gained the likes of fans in numerous markets across Canada, USA, Europe, Mexico and Japan. Their track “Fireworks” had been featured on a compilation CD that was released via LA punk label Wiretap Records shortly after the release of their debut LP. FFO: Jimmy Eat World, Alexisonfire, Brand New & Moneen, this is surely one well-written and engaging record, and will stimulate from beginning to end.

Frequently touring, the bands fan base keeps growing in current and new markets. 2017 is set for the release of “honeybee,” a new music video and two tours, one being through eastern Canada.

Romancer is: Nathan Cumber, Ben Abu Halaga-Dilgert, Adam Horrocks and Riley O’Donnell.

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ASHES Release Debut Music Video For “Newborn Soul”

New Jersey metalcore quintet ASHES, formerly known as Ashes Of My Regrets has released their debut music video and single under the new guise with a fitting title, “Newborn Soul“.

We spoke to vocalist, Chris Ferland about the single, “Lyrically this song is about just accepting who you are. It really in itself is a story about how I came to accept myself and how I want to share this new found self empowerment with others. I no longer care what people think of me, when people look down upon me or judge me, or hate on us its almost like a liberating feeling. It makes me think, well if you take time of your day to think about me then it must be for a reason and I must have done something right.”

As for the name change, Ferland went on to comment, “2017 has been one of the craziest years for us. Filled with more downs than ups but I truly believe that we all have grown not only as musicians but as people too. I feel like this is ASHES at its finest and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

With ambient and synth delayed backtracks, poppy hooks and catchy harmonies, ASHES seems to be on top of whats to come next in metalcore. Check out “Newborn Soul” below.

About ASHES:

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If your looking for a new exciting sound in rock and metal then you better go give ASHES a listen! A rock/metalcore band hailing from Northern NJ composed of 5 high school friends then want do nothing more then write songs, get on the road, and expose there music and message to as much people along the way. Taking inspiration from numerous amounts of genres they truly have created a fresh and unique sound. They will do anything to get where they want to be. So keep an eye out for this up and coming group. You will not be disappointed.

Coat Check Girl Release New Single and Music Video “Audience of None”

Upon hearing the name Coat Check Girl, you may think of Jayma Mays‘ character on that particular episode of How I Met Your Mother, but starting today you may also think of infectious, alt-rock music with a ska tinge. The Los Angeles band has released a music video for their new single “Audience of None,” produced by Latin Grammy Award winning producer Rodolfo “Rudy” Pagliuca. Although the polished track has an upbeat vibe, vocalist Andre Rodriguez says the lyrics are a bit of a contrast.

This is the most personal song I have ever written,” says Rodriguez. “It was written about suicide and depression. The title ‘Audience of None’ refers to the fact that sometimes, for some people, no one’s there listening even when they’re screaming for help.

A dreamy synth arrangement (provided by Chapis Lasca) gives the bouncy track a bit of grounding, while Rodriguez hammers away at the hook with an almost Rob Thomas flair. “Audience of None” is available now on iTunes and Spotify.

Upcoming shows: 
October 25th – Silverlake Lounge – Los Angeles, CA 
October 28th – Slide Bar – Fullerton, CA

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Foreign Sons Release Music Video for “Wonder”

The hopeful outlook of life is that everyday we are presented with new and exciting opportunities; however, many days can instead be filled with frustration and obstacles. These days, it’s helpful to find peace in spite of surrounding circumstances and Las Vegas indie/alt band Foreign Sons attempt to do just that in their new single “Wonder”.

Vocalist Chris Bundra says “‘Wonder’ tackles learning to live in peace despite circumstances in life. We specifically filmed it in our practice space to capture our daily routine. We wanted a raw straightforward approach.

“Wonder” was directed by Drew Lichty and is the latest single from Foreign Sons’ debut full-length Transference, released in September. The ten tracks hit a sweet spot for fans of melodic indie rock like Thrice and Brand New, and features a cameo from The Color Morale‘s Garret Rapp on the song “Worst Enemy.”

Foreign Sons, comprised by three brothers and one close friend, formed in 2012 with a desire to create raw and unfiltered rock music. After the release of their debut EP Of Want & Wisdom, the band spent some time on the road with EmeryAs Cities Burn, and Listener. Now with two releases under their belt, the quartet is planning a west coast tour.

Transference is available now on iTunes.

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