In an age of hi-tech equipment, it’s very refreshing to hear a band with a very simplistic and naturalistic flow to their performance, evoking something very pure and innocent in delivery. The boys and girls of “An Ongoing Story” really tell their tale exactly as it is straight from the heart as well as the hymn sheet, with no airs and graces. From the start, you can really feel the passion behind every word written straight from the soul of life itself.

Although you hear a group from rehearsals to stage and studio, it is purely the brainchild of Christian Evans, an extremely talented visionary from Madison, Ohio, who has been striving to get himself heard and his music out there to the masses. With that said, it is sometimes hard to get your point across alone, and sometimes you need to let go and trust the help of your friends.

That brings me nicely to the Album in question here “The Fear You’ve Built Your Life Around”. What we find in this very creative Album and what stands out here six fold, is a truly amazing group of friends that will go the extra mile in helping not only Christian achieve his dream, but each other also, and if you can find that, then you truly have a match made in heaven, and a recipe for success in the music world, with longevity in the industry. Although New in the industry and still with a long way to go, they are already showing signs of achieving great things. If ever there was a title track to this band I feel it would be track one “Whatever’s Left” as the guitar melody itself is almost a theme tune to the band.

Christian Evans – Guitar/Bass/lead Vocals, has the perfect Emo voice for the job in hand, creating a perfect mix related to the genre, giving us every element of the passion and attitude needed to portray the remorseful flow of anger tainted lyrics found in this band. Creating some beautiful melodies, his guitarmanship evokes a haunting and thought provoking sound, setting the scene in every track almost cradling the lyrics as they leave his lips.

Luke Sabo – Drums sets the pace in a loose yet powerful style bespoke to the genre, hitting some great dynamics in all the right places, in a fashion that’s right on the money. Creating some great fills, Luke has set the engine running perfectly to drive this band.

Tyler Bohinc – Guitar/Backing Vocals, works with his wing man Luke on drums perfectly, not leaving a single inch standing between Bass and kick as he follows the flow of the rhythm section with ease. Vocally, Tyler works well with Christian colouring the air with just the right touch.

Hallie Hertrick – Vocals, certainly packs a punch once in charge of the mic, helping Christian get his point across an with attitude that makes her presence known centre stage. Heard throughout this album within the choir, but promoting herself perfectly within “Don’t Take It Personal” giving Christian the support he needs as they reach out to the masses.

Arielle Tindel – Cello/Synth/Vocals ads a very mournful sound on Cello setting the mood perfectly as she sets a certain emotion with her bow. But keeping herself busy in the band, Arielle lends her hand to some well thought out Synth work building a touch of warmth and ambience in all the right places, whilst joining the choir, offering a very sweet and innocent display of beauty, sending every song the sweetness and light needed through the rage of some vocal lines. Her delivery hits the right spot, helping you visualise the mental storyboard in each track for that harmonious touch. Certainly a good all-rounder and valued member to the team.

Drew Paramore – Glockenspiel, something little used in the modern music scene of any genre, yet adding a very haunting and gothic flow to some compositions. Here just the right touches were used with a “less is more” attitude adding colour in all the right places.


Even though labelled in the Emo category, Christians influences and inspiration comes from the mighty “Nirvana” but his real sound stems from such artists as “Kevin Devine”, “Into It Over It”, “Hellogoodbye”, “The Front Bottoms” and “Chance The Rapper”, a fair mixed bag but lyrically the perfect style to aid his craft. Christian and Guitarist Tyler have been working together on various musical projects since the age of thirteen, with Tyler being given the hard task of unlocking Christian’s brain and offloading his creative talent and helping structure it into what you hear today.

Christian started taking his musical abilities seriously in the sixth grade, and Tyler has been his driving force and wingman ever since. Luke, their ever valuable Drummer, stepped in a year ago and helped turn this project into a full band. Now Christian can relax and not feel so trapped, and spread his wings more creatively with this great team behind him, turning a limited project into a limitless dream, something Christian feels eternally grateful for, in true friends like these.

In a recent interview, I asked Christian what the meaning was behind the name of the band. His answer was quite simple;

“My sister wanted a tattoo of a symbol that was supposed to mean an ongoing story, and it just stuck. Originally it was the name of an EP I had called “Generican” but I soon realized how bad that name was and moved forward as An Ongoing Story”.

This is something I feel was a bold move and wise choice.

From Madison and based in Cleveland and Lakewood, Ohio Christian and the band pretty much stay local playing the local circuit but plan on spreading their wings this summer to pastures New. Along the way Christian has played Solo with such acts as: “Koji”, “Mat Kerekes”, “Alomar”, “Annabel”, and “Chase Huglin”, something that has only fuelled his creative juices more into achieving what he has today with plenty of ground work to boot.

n all, a great little band with heaps of potential in their genre with a passion to succeed, maybe not mainstream, but who knows as the music industry is always evolving and changing like the wind.


As a songwriter and composer, Christian has great creative drive and is most certainly “On the Money”. As a Solo Artist or with the band, Christian’s song writing ability most certainly has the right formula to help him succeed, and in time could lead to greater things. These early days are the most precious in sculpting your craft and Christian is most definitely on the right track.

Special thanks to Matthew Girton for his voiceover in “Faking Fearless”

My Score…… 7/10

My Suggestion……

If ever there were three tracks to tempt the listener into buying this album they would be…..

“Whatever’s Left”, “Practically Fine, Take It Or Leave It” and “Don’t take It Personal”


Review by Ian Davies

Kristen Orsborn

The stars were aligned in London’s West End on the evening of 8th November 2016, but none shone brighter than Kirsten Orsborn herself, as we gathered for a scintillating performance for the launch of her single “Believing” for the Royal Marines Charities. Kirsten, was the epitome of style and grace, and a vision of beauty, as she stepped into the spotlight in a stunning gold sequinned dress. The whole evening’s proceedings were held in the dizzy “Heights” and a venue of the same name, on the 15th floor of the St Georges Hotel, just off Oxford Street. As Kirsten performed across a sea of London lights, visible through every window, I am almost sure they were twinkling just for her, setting her emotions high as she sang like an Angel to the city and all present in the room, as if they lit in perfect timing, to her beautiful smile and personality. The BBC Television Centre, only a stone’s throw away, was almost bowing its head in ore to what stood before them. And as the city started to glow in the midst of a starry sky, Kirsten shone the brightest setting herself high in the hearts of the masses, for her performance wasn’t just to the press and the influential people present in the room, but to thousands across the globe, as she was broadcast Live, on social media.

After a beautiful reading from Kirsten herself for the charity, the fairy-tale began, as Kirsten stepped into the spotlight, easing us in gently to a wonderland of song, carefully chosen for our enjoyment. As Kirsten performed amongst a mesmerized crowd, tears of emotion started to flow, tugging on the right heart strings as she walked us all down memory lane.

Kirsten, performed four beautiful renditions of some well-known songs, opening with “Fly Me to the Moon”, followed by “All The way” by the late great Frank Sinatra. Kirsten went on to woo us with a favourite by Dianna Ross and “When Will I See You Again”, followed by “Love” by Natalie Cole.

One thing you will always see in Kirsten’s performances, and that’s the ability for you to visualize each and every word as they leave her lips as she gestures this beautifully, almost losing herself in music as she takes you by the hand onto cloud nine with her.

Then the moment of truth arrived and the reason we were all there, as she presented us with single itself “Believing”. The scene was set as Kirsten stepped in front the silver screen, and as the lights dimmed, we were presented with a video of our troops, and the troubles they face in the front line. As Kirsten stepped into the frame, we were instantly made aware, in visuals alone, of the trauma our brave soldiers face every day, fighting for our freedom, for without them things would be so different. After gaining some composure, Kirsten lit the room once again, telling the story of those brave Men and Women in song in true Kirsten style, holding our hearts in her hands, as we not only drifted into the film itself, but the heart felt emotion, of her every word.

The NEW single, “Believing”, which was released on the 11th of November 2016, for The Royal Marines Association Charity, is hoping to not only raise funds, but awareness also, for those troops that fight for us every day to keep us all safe. This may be a small gesture to the value of a CD, but it will make a huge difference to those families that have lost, soldiers that have suffered and are still suffering, and to this amazing organization who are trying to give a little bit back to those who have given so much.

In a recent interview, I asked Kirsten to tell me a little about the history behind the single and what it means to her, her answer was not only heart felt, but inspiring also;

“The writer, Mac Light, originally sent me the single to have a listen to and to see what I thought of it. I completely fell in love with the song, and couldn’t wait to record it. I first recorded it with Tom E Morrison from “Big Sky Song Productions” in London, he is an amazing person and great to work with. Then I had an exciting trip to London, where I met Adrian Collis of Thoroughbred Music who was really interested in the song, and suggested re-recording and re-mastering it for a release. So we got straight to work, and the final copy is here at last for everyone’s enjoyment. A great many hours have gone into this single, and I’m so grateful for everyone’s support and hard work. Being so close to the forces all my life, I instantly wanted to put the single, and all its funds, towards The Royal Marines Charity, after hearing the song and its emotional story, and being their forces Sweetheart. I’m so proud and honoured to be a part of their journey, and will always support all of the forces in any way I can. I really hope everyone will get behind the single and support our soldiers and veterans, it’s my way of saying thank you to them all.”

During the pre and post-performance party, Kirsten was privy to a whole host of very influential people in the music industry, from producers and presenters to performers and writers, who all held her in high regard for her tireless work for the cause, along with the professional standard and quality of her performance that evening, as she steps further into the limelight, rubbing shoulders with all the right people along the way.

These early days as a performer are precious ones, as they hold the key to your whole future, being careful how you tread on your way up in this game of “Snakes and Ladders” that is the music industry. Kirsten is already showing all the right signs of success here, as she treats the music industry with respect, takes care and time with her fans, and more importantly, loves every moment of what she does, with a passion that lights a room.

Within moments of leaving the stage, Kirsten was straight onto signing photographs, again all raising money for the charity. Throughout the evening you could hear the constant sound of silver being thrown into a collection, along with allot of money changing hands as Kirsten’s merchandise was eagerly purchased for the cause. Kirsten took this all in her stride like a true professional taking time with each guest as her attention was sought by everyone.

Although this was a selfless act on Kirsten’s behalf, I feel that what we witnessed here tonight, was the birth of a rising star.




As soon as I heard the first few bars I was instantly transported to the 80’s and a sound reminiscent to the likes of the mighty Ultravox and Gary Newman. The synthesised sound instantly whisks you away to this electronic era and a good job done in recreating this. This new album is full of little surprises taking you on a journey of re- discovery. The lyrics however have a certain depth to them with a calming influence that certainly makes you think. Even though the studio recording polishes the sound as it’s meant to, there still is an edge to the production where it lags slightly to create a more natural flow. After questioning the younger element just recently with their thoughts, the overall feeling was that the whole album is great to chill out to with friends.

There are some beautiful crisp guitar sounds throughout this album mixed with some great melodies lacing the album with a touch of class.

Chad has a very hypnotic tone to his vocals and yet also offering some very haunting undertones creating a mood and atmosphere to each track. The effects used both musically and vocally here work well transforming the whole project in to a world of its own making Chad unique in his own right and most certainly a leader in this genre.

Chad has been writing and performing since 1988 and has been guitarist/songwriter/vocalist for numerous bands and projects and has been touring the states since 2000. He had his first break on the radio at the age of 18 with the track “As An Angel” and his music continuously receives airplay across the States, UK, Australia and South America. This had great repercussions as he was fortunate enough to be heard by a Hip Hop duo from Dallas Texas and promptly was asked to go on tour as guitarist.

After the tour Chad went on to do a guest appearance on a compilation album and from there started writing and performing for bands across the country and later went on to score music for indie films and documentaries.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Chad woodrowgerber has been working on his new album “In the Beginning” and has produced a very solid sound and usually works with a DJ and drummer on stage to create the punch he needs.

Since listening to “The Gorillaz” Chad had a dream to form a band focusing on the varied genres he has covered over the years such as Hip Hop, Rock, Electronica and Folk, and to form a band under his own name …..And so “woodrowgerber” was born.

With his wide range of experience over the years and the effort put into this album coupled with this passion drive and enthusiasm not only with his music but the industry itself. Chad is most certainly onto a winner and is most definitely an inspiration to us all.

MY SCORE……7/10


If ever there were two songs to tempt the listener into buying this album it would be “Narcissistic” and “heart In My Hands”



Cross Solder

Formed in 2011, the boys of Cross Solder deliver a powerful yet smooth approach, to what is described to be a southern outlaw style to rock n roll. But with this said, there is a gritty untamed edge to the band, with a very laid back feel to their performance, creating a feel good flow to their music. With this in place, the boys are set to impress as soon as they hit the stage, hitting you with their timeless style of southern rock, with well-crafted riffs, flawless drums, powerful basslines and mellow yet powerful vocals. They not only pack a punch, but set the spirit free, with a stage presence to boot set to lift the roof of any arena.

Marc Allen has an untamed ability to set the pace running on this track with some well thought out drum patterns delivered with ease as he breezes through his technique with a very laid back faultless ability. Cameron Gandt on lead guitar offers an action packed performance as he takes his axe through its paces with some mind blowing riffs and solo finger work. His style displays great attention to detail as he bends each string to the max giving this song the originality it deserves. Anthony Dunn creates a perfect flow on this single, gluing himself firmly with his wingman on the drums, as his bass hangs on every beat with a pulse of energy welding this rhythm section together into a tight package of power. Parker Young certainly has the attention of every ear with his very smooth vocal style on this track with a certain “James Hetfield” tone to his voice. But as the new boy to this band, Parker certainly has created a sound they all can be proud of.

Heavily influenced with bands from the 70’s, 80’s and the 90’s “Cross Solder” still have the spirit of those eras firmly ingrained into their sound, filtering their own originality in with perfect style. This beautifully performed single leaves you thoughtful to the sound of the day. Lyrically this track offers great storytelling radiating from a classic mold.

Originally a three piece, the boys from Columbus, Ohio, have come on in leaps and bounds and matured nicely with their new line-up. This has played a great part in the development of not only them as a band but the creation of this truly spectacular single “Wasteland”, a true masterpiece to behold.

My Score ……9/10



Treason This

Proudly wearing their badge in the Punk Hall of fame, the boys from “Treason This” yet again create another perfectly crafted album, taking creative writing to the extreme, engulfing you in the innermost thoughts that lurk in the dark recesses of their minds, which reflect throughout the lyrics of this album, with an almost mournful glow tainted in despair. The music composed here, sets the scene perfectly to every track, stirring the senses to an almost haunting frame of mind, eclipsed in some very well thought out melodies. There is a certain innocence drifting through this album, creating waves of colour through the darkness.

From the outset, the very essence of this band grabs you gently, instantly leaving you curious as to what lies within the confines of this beautifully crafted e.p. Before exploding through your ears with extreme power and grace.

This Indie Rock/Pop Punk act from Milwaukee, Wisconsin was formed in 2011 as an acoustic duo. Since that time the band has grown in strength and in numbers. Originally Vocalist Michael Ingle, and Guitarist Chris Merisalo hit the stages on their first tour in 2014 after graduating high school. Soon they found a style worth expanding upon and enrolled Zach Zander and Jordan August into the fold late last year, and are already launching their third e.p. Giving you a different angle to the usual flow that is Treason This.

“Always Perfect”, is a record about growing up.,” says vocalist Michael Ingle. “It’s about working to let go and move forward. Not only do we feel like it shows a lot of growth for us as a band, but that it features some of the most personal tracks we’ve released so far.”

In a recent interview the lads told me;

“We are the voice of the silent, the damned and the broken, we are the strength of the beaten, the feeble and weak, we are the eyes of the blind, and the wealth of the poor, we are everything they took from you, we are a sound made by people for the people, we are the truth, we are Treason”.

Michael Ingle on Vocals, has a very timid angelic feel to his voice as he lulls you into the palm of his hand before, unleashing the passion that drives him. As the main songwriter, Michael reflects his lyrics through his vocals beautifully, projecting each line exactly as he wants you to feel it, as these are all real life experiences he speaks as he touches the nerves of the masses as well as pulling on the heart strings of us all. The simplistic flow to his voice is edged with an untapped energy that’s ever present and ready to pounce before he lays you to rest, in the pools of his dreams.

With guitar in hand, Chris Merisalo creates some beautiful melodies to soothe the soul and riffs to set the pulse racing, knowing exactly when to apply the brakes, ready to demonstrate some beautiful finger work bringing, you down into a more subtle and ambient frame of mind, creating a certain feel that mirrors the mood of every part of every song. With Jordan August on Bass this band has got it made as he walks around every chord with ease, forming a tight package between him and his wing man Zach. Jordan certainly knows his craft as he demonstrates time and time again with such ease and grace both Live and in the studio. Zach Zander on Drums has the precision of a true professional in his field with a flawless performance on this e.p. As well as Live on stage. His attention to detail is first rate with some well thought out fills and cymbal work, yet keeping a lid on the term, “less is more”, in all the right places. Having said this, his ability to drive this band when in top gear is a pleasure to see and hear as he directs the rhythm section from his throne beautifully.

If you are looking at expanding your music collection with something a bit different and more thought provoking, then this should be your choice for this year as you would be a fool to let this one slip through your fingers.

My Score 8/10

My suggestion……

If ever there were two tracks to tempt the listener

into buying this e.p. They would be “Movie Goers Dilemma” and “Suede”.



Rebel Inc

As soon as I heard the first track, “Shake em up” from this powerful edgy band, I immediately thought of R.H.C.P. But with complements aside, I have not heard anyone attempt anything close, albeit I am sure, NOT intentional. The word on the street at the moment is their style is more like “Rage Against the Machine”, but we all have our own opinions, and no matter what, I can see these guys progressing into something huge in the future, starting right now, as their powerful and in ya face raw energy LIVE takes you to NEW heights. But the more you listen, you hear them morph into a style of their own, which certainly gets my vote .

The guys from “Rebel Inc” were formed in the outskirts of Detroit but now run out of Baltimore, and comprise of Adam, Kevin, Keni and Brian, making this Hip Hop/ Metal/ Rock band kick some serious arse.

The vocals are created by Adam Armstrong or “Strong” as he is known by his fans, and that’s just what it is, as his gritty course rap style vocal really cuts the air with a knife, getting his point across with rage and furry, and certainly puts the cat amongst the pigeons when offering it into the face of his public.

The rough dirty edgy guitar sound created by Kevin Sychta certainly packs a punch, with some well thought out and memorable riffs, which is what its all about if you want your tracks to go down in music history. This sound will certainly have the crowd punching the air screaming for more at the front of the stage. But its not all ear bleeding mayhem, as there are also some very melodic over tones in the intros and mid sections, which carry you on a sea of calm before the storm, in such tracks as “Broken Man” and “Rebel”.

The Drumming created by Brian Haverlock or “B-lock” is flawless and punchy, and certainly leaves you twitching in the isles of any LIVE performance, cutting the air with sticks of steel. Once in the saddle Brian drives his machine through any wall of sound with ease with effortless precision keeping the fists pumping the air in any auditorium.

The Bassist Keni Luck, is a great wing man for “B-Lock in this rhythm section, creating a perfect marriage between kick and bass, leaving you with a rhythmic machine to be envied, and certainly puts his point across with the passion and drive that lives deep within the veins of this band .

These guys cut their teeth performing at military bases, so be sure you know what you are doing when you press play on these bad boys….truly a force to be reckoned with. So if you are wondering what the fuss is all about, hit the link on the picture above to see what this amazing band has to offer.

My Score……8/10



Bird Names

Psychedelic mayhem courses through the veins of this very different yet outstanding band. Their music has not only created a new sound, but gives us almost a new genre to chalk up and is described as “Gnarly Psychedelic”. Pop. I have been trying to pin point another band or genre where this is similar, but this is where this project is clever, as you cant, as its original in its own right, so I am not going to compare this music with other artists, as I feel it would be unfair to judge something so unique, but will leave it to you to form your own opinion.

This album, along with the rest in the collection reflects the detailed and layered mind of David Lineal. This is reminiscent of the retro styles of the 60’s and 70’s giving a feel that flows to such a degree that order does not exist. But this is the clever part as this all works beautifully creating a style that is so unique its pushed the boundaries of music into another dimension.

This album, “Naming Names” is as colourful as the artwork and in fact reflects every part of the album perfectly. So now its time for David and the gang to blow their own trumpet , to coin a phrase, and let the world know they have arrived. There is something very childlike in the performance both vocally and musically taking you to places in your mind that you have long forgotten from childhood or even never knew existed. If you are a first timer to Bird Names then my advice to you is to find an empty room free of visual distractions and a good pair of headphones and loose yourself for a while on what will be a journey of re-discovery.

This trio consists of David Lineal on guitar and vocals, Peter Nichols on bass and vocals and Alex Edgeworth on Drums and vocals and who’s influences consist of “ Captain Beef heart, Bob Wills, Dolly Mixture, Can , Ray price and Orange Juice”. Based in Brattleboro Vermont David steers his musical genius to dizzy heights with a vast collection of 7 albums and although his music is totally out of my comfort zone the more I sit here trying to fathom out what to say the more I like what I hear as it most certainly grows on you as the whole album is unpredictable and possibly unappreciated by the masses so I say to you all, “give it a chance”.

Piedmont Spring”, track one on the album is the one that should be paid attention to the most as it has a certain strange aura about it enveloping, the mind taking you to strange places, yet aiding your decision about this band . If you lean more towards the commercial flow of things then I’m afraid you will be disappointed as you are not going to find it here. But to help you along the way try

“Star Light” and “ ‘Flush It”.

Over all I am very impressed at the achievements of this band and wish them every success for the future hoping their continuous hard work brings them to a more mainstream audience.

My Score……8/10

My Suggestion…….

If ever there were 3 tracks to tempt the listener into buying this album they would be ……

“Star Light” “Flush it” and “Piedmont Spring”



Impending Lies

Based in Cleveland Ohio, this gritty five piece throw down the gauntlet to any avid rock fan, as they dare you to step inside the realms of their minds, and experience the immense power that lurks within the confines of their new e.p. “Believe”.

Both the video and the audio to this title track grabs you from the moment you press play, drawing you in to a subject that we can all relate to at some point in our lives, stirring the soul and stimulating the thought processes to the max. But it doesn’t stop there, as each track on this e.p. leaves you with something to think about, as they take you on a voyage through some utterly well-crafted lyrics, pieced together with what can only be described as top class musicianship. This e.p. boasts one cover by “Journey” which the lads pull off perfectly creating one of the best covers to a well-known song I have ever heard.

“Impending Lies” has a whole host of influences under their belt helping them create the sound and style of the amazing band they are today. Their style doesn’t only come from a handful of favourite bands, but a general mix of tracks right across the rock board, using inspiration from guitars from one band, to ambient melodies from another, pieced together with the heavier elements from another, tailored with vocal and lyrical ideas in the same way. However, the lads do have a keen list of favourites on board including “Tremonti”, “Machine Head”, “Korn”, “Breaking Benjamin” and “The Deftones”.

In a recent interview with the band, I asked them what the meaning was behind the name, their answer wasn’t quite what I was expecting;

The boys firmly believe that in this world you can’t trust anyone 100%, for there is always someone lurking around a corner, waiting to stab you in the back. With this in mind and “Trust” being an accident waiting to happen, the name “Impending Lies” was born.

Matt Hayes on lead vocals certainly packs a punch once unleashed on the mic, with many layered textures to his voice, creating a beautiful ambient flow to his performance both Live and in the studio. His stage presence boasts a certain energy and style that captivates every audience who have the pleasure to be in his company, he manipulates his audience like a puppeteer, as they are drawn into his dulcet tones, delivered with power and grace, hitting every note perfectly, time after time.

James Skrtich on Guitar and backing vocals certainly knows how to wield his axe, creating some earth shattering riffs as he thunders through each chord like it pulses through his veins, with an attitude ready to punch a hole in the back wall of any venue. Although melodic in structure, his guitarmanship rips through any crowd, slamming them firmly to the ground whilst his backing vocals tare through every ear, as he screams dominance through many a track leaving the crowd punching the air for more.

Mark Peddle on Drums is a true force to be reckoned with and the driving force of this band as he ploughs through every track with ease, creating seamless fills with undying energy and style. Once sat behind the skins he sets the pace at an explosive rate, hitting the crowd with a power packed display of drumming glory. His tight performance leaves you breathless to listen to, let alone watch, leaving any crowd pinned against the wall with the power and energy he emits.

Davo Billock on Guitar and backing vocals works well with his compadre` James, as together they set the standard giving you an epic performance that’s not only memorable, but ore inspiring to any fellow guitarist in the game. Davo certainly cranks up the volume, setting pulses racing as he lifts you to the dizzy heights, and pulls in the crowd as they chomp at the bit screaming for more. His technique is second to none when he tears up his fretboard, setting the stage on fire and the venue ablaze. Vocally, he has his finger on the button, sending the crowd insane as he screams blue murder, stirring the crowd into a frenzy as they shout for more.

Nick Rescina on Bass is the newcomer to the band, arriving at just the right time to bathe in the glory that is “Impending Lies”. However he has had his work cut out for him, a job that would be the envy of many a musician, but Nick fits the slot beautifully, creating some great bass work adding to the dynamic of this band in a way that is only fitting to a true professional. Working closely with Mark on Drums, Nick works his bass around every drum pattern and fill gluing the rhythm section together into a tight package that you couldn’t prise apart…..a job well done.

The lads have all been playing from some very young ages, some as young as 12, but most in their early teens and have already had the honour to play alongside such names as “Shinedown”, “Godsmack”, “Staind”, “P.O.D.”, “Eye Empire”, “Adelitas Way”, “Thousand Foot Krutch”, “3 Years Hollow”, “12 Stones”, “Digital Summer”, “Nonpoint”,” Red”, “Demon Hunter”, “Gemini Syndrome”, “Hellyeah” and many more. Overall, this e.p. is a work of art, painstakingly put together with blood, sweat and tears, and this radiates throughout. Each track and its originality sets the standard in the modern Hard Rock of today and these boys have certainly pushed the boat out, and nailed it.

This e.p. “Believe”, will certainly go far, and hopefully we will soon see them venturing to U.K. shores sometime soon, where I know they will go down a storm , we just have to “Believe in them.

My Score …… 10/10

My Suggestion …… If ever they were 3 tracks to tempt the listener to buying this album they would be …… “Believe”, “Shine” and of course “Separate Ways”



Glass Room

The sharp crisp sound created by the this band certainly holds up to their name, and will have your pulse racing shattering the sound waves in true Glass Room fashion.

That brings me straight to their new song “Light Still Hurts his Eyes” I like the use of the sound effect in the intro and vocal sampling which is really in fitting with the style of the song, and the band. Full marks to the Drummer Rich, who sets the pace on fire and drives every last piece of the band straight into your lap, with flawless double kicks, and sharp fills. Great use of the cymbals at the end, a raw effect not often used.

The Bassist and lead vocalist Scott, is a great wing man for the Drummer in this rhythm section, creating a perfect marriage between kick and bass leaving you with a rhythm machine to be envied, and at the same time holding down his main job on Vocals, Putting his point across with the passion and drive that lives deep within the veins of this band.

The incredible shredding guitar sounds created by Lead guitarist Darren certainly keep you on your toes, feeding you with the passion and attitude that lives within the writing and performing of their songs, coupled up with some very melodic backing vocals adding colour throughout. Darren, Hailing from Brighton and Scott and Rich From Horsham, have been together since the end of 2009, and although the band itself doesn’t draw any particular influence from anyone individually, its quite varied. Soon after they released their first EP “Thoughts Of A Thousand Minds”, after only one month together,shows good chemistry and a good start for this band.

Darren grew up listening to “Bill Withers”, “Stevie Wonder”, “David Bowie” and the late great “Michael Jackson” and collectively taught him how to write great songs and how to craft an album like a story board. And with “30 Seconds To Mars” and “Mallory Knox” thrown into the mix with “Avenge Seven Fold” and “Linkin Park” their trail of inspiration is on to a winner. Darren, Scott and Rich have been playing since the tender age of 13, saving money from paper rounds to buy their first instruments. Scott, has always had a passion for singing and playing guitar and Rich is following in the footsteps of his older brother, as he is also a drummer.

There is one written rule with this band which I find very admirable, and that’s if there is any song that starts sounding like one already written then it gets thrown out, a good rule to stick to when crafting an album which these guys achieve in perfect style.

WELL DONE GUYS a beautifully well written song delivered in top class style …..keep up the good work !!.

My Score……9/10


Paul Diello

I was pleasantly surprised at what unfolded as I listened to the musical genius of Paul Diello creating a quirky simplistic sound in not only his music but his song writing too. His talent has an innocence about it which I find very refreshing as it soothes you into an almost drunken stupor, before it envelopes you deeper into a near day dream as he holds you in the palm of his hand both LIVE and on cd. I particularly like the use of classical guitar and violin in his pieces creating a classical feel with cello and pizzicato violin filling in the gaps beautifully with a passion you can feel emanating through each and every song . This was all created by a mix of musicians he met along the way and a pure demonstration that art can be created with out the use of a brush with the sound of electric guitars and drums a far and distant memory.

One thing I noticed with Paul that he is very much an observationalist as the depth of thought throughout his work have a passion to stop you in your tracks. His descriptive mind almost boasts a parable or two of his own as he takes you on that journey through his mind .

The backing vocals on most tracks have been crafted beautifully still keeping that simple naturalistic feel and not over complicating things. The use of a more modern electric piano in the instrumental ‘The walk Home’ and use of bird song and the sound of the sea makes this a very hypnotic track and very calming reminiscent of a carefree walk we may all have taken once stirring the mind into deeper thought.

Paul has been performing since 1999 which started with his brother Michael and friend Tigger in a covers trio called ‘Hessian drape’ playing local pubs until discovered by a founder member of rock band ‘Porcelain’. Shortly after the brothers decided to start a band of there own as they had material of their own dating back to younger days enabling them to develop their renowned tight harmonies, and so ‘Shiseido Red’ was born with full quota of electric guitars, keyboards, bass and drums with a fully plugged rock styles. Soon after the boys quite easily drifted into the more acoustic feel and although Paul pretty much cut his teeth with his brother this all helped in the discovery and development of the classical/acoustic sound he has today, cutting a groove deep within his genre .

Paul hailing from Brighton in the UK has been inspired by many artists over the years and is pretty much influenced by this small list ……

Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, Regina Spektor, Rufus Wainwright, Kate bush, Imogen Heap,Patrick Wolf, Bjork, Joanna Newsom , Joni Mitchell, Madonna, Janis Joplin, suzanne vega, alanis morissette, all about eve, smith, sinead o’connor,to name but a few.

Its hardly surprising that Paul has such talent, and now we can celebrate, the musical genius that is, Paul Diello.

My Score…… 10/10

My Suggestion……

If ever there were three tracks to tempt the listener into buying this album they would be….. “Flame”


The Kills

The best way I can describe The Kills and their music is brash in your face raw musical passion. Although the general feel is dark in nature there is a constant melodic undercurrent lurking in the darkness, you have to purposefully listen for it, but when you find it you will truly know you have lost yourself in the musical genius that is The Kills. In listening to the NEW album Blood Pressures you instantly get a sense of what can only be described as rough and edgy which I feel is a great sound for this band and their image.

They steer away from the stereo typical squeaky clean studio cut and lean more towards the dirtier sound taking the effects used to another level with distortion being their forte. I particularly like the track “Satellite” and its backing vocals, a melody reminiscent to a Wild West theme which opens this track up instrumentally for just that in the sound track genre making “The Kills” a very versatile band open to many possibilities.

There is a very old fashioned sound in the tone of the drums in this album and its nice to hear them as they naturally sound rather than a studio engineered tone and this brings it back to its origin. What I find amazing that this big raw sound is created by just two people positively giving it their all on stage and through each album they have released.

Hailing from the U.S. and the U.K. this gritty punk duo consisting of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince have certainly got the audience in the palm of their hands and yelling for more. Alison on Vocals and guitar is from former Florida punk band ‘Discount’, which if anything has certainly nurtured her vocals into the style it is today and Jamie of former bands Scarfo and Blyth Power boasts the same quality both with an explosive combination.

Alison and Jamie otherwise known as “VV” and “Hotel” started collaborating across the pond in 2000 after previous ventures finished but Alison decided to cross the miles to the U.K. by 2001 so they could pick up their game and move forward in writing. And what a wise move that was resulting in this awesome sound that is today known as …… THE KILLS.

My Score ……8/10

My Suggestion……

If ever there was a song to tempt the listener into buying this album it would be ‘Future Starts Slow’


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