Rest, Repose Release Music Video For “Hanging By A Thread”

Seattle based hard rock outfit Rest, Repose has released a new music video for their current single “Hanging By A Thread“. The song comes from the group’s debut Self-titled full-length, which released this past spring and reached #25 on the iTunes Alternative Chart & #22 on Billboards Hard Rock Charts. With powerful, soaring vocals and raw, heavy guitars riffs, Rest, Repose showcases what’s to come.

Drummer, Jared Dines told us, “This song represents the trials of a relationship and doing everything you can to keep someone happy, and losing yourself in the process.”

Watch “Hanging By The Thread” below and check out the band’s Self-titled album on Spotify and Apple Music.

About Rest, Repose:

Rest, Repose is an Alternative Rock band from Seattle, WA. Combining de-tuned, heavy guitar riffs with soaring, melodic vocals, the bands message is one of positivity and unity. Featuring YouTubers Jared Dines (drums) and Fluff (guitar) the band put out their debut Sleep City EP in December 2015. Rounded out by Josh McDowell on bass and Tony Cappocchi on guitar, Rest, Repose look to tour the U.S and abroad in 2017 and 2018. With fresh musical blood in new singer Tanner Cowens, the band put out their debut self-titled full length album on May 19th. Reaching #25 on the iTunes Alternative chart& #22 on Billboards Hard Rock Charts, Rest, Repose look forward to hitting the road to support the album.

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Outer Glow (ex-I See Stars) Announce Debut EP “Lunar // Effect”

North Carolina metal outfit Outer Glow has announced their debut EP titled, Lunar // Effect, set to release June 30th. Formed in July of 2016 by Zach Johnson, the former I See Stars vocalist, the band has continuing to build their fanbase by releasing three singles, which are featured on their upcoming EP. After leaving I See Stars, Johnson commented, saying,

“I See Stars was a huge part of my life that I’ll never forget or regret. It truly was a dream come true to travel the world and play the tunes we wrote together. The end of my career with I See Stars at first was pretty rocky and it was hard for me not to be bitter, until I seen them play a show without me and saw how happy they were and I knew it was for the best. Outer Glow has been so amazing. It’s the first time I’ve ever had the freedom to express myself lyrically and emotionally and that’s something I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Every member of I See Stars is a composer as well, so sometimes writing songs got very emotional to people’s attachments to their art, with Outer Glow it just seems to click. Everybody is pretty good at letting go of ideas if it doesn’t pass the democracy of the band. Especially the song “Monsters” I wrote lyrically about struggles with growing up in a broken home and having negative traits of your parents or family. I personally didn’t grow up in a broken home but a lot of my best friends did and I’ve been around it and have seen how much of an influence it can have on people. I’m super excited for everybody to hear what the other guys and I from Outer Glow have put together for our EP, Lunar // Effect. We all put so much time and effort in composing this Ep and I’m beyond thrilled with how it turned out. To wrap things up I’d just like to thank everybody who has ever supported my music career including my friends and family and I See Stars. I love you all and wouldn’t be able to do what I do without you guys.”

Outer Glow are set to perform their CD release show on June 30th at The Blind Tiger in Greensboro, NC. Watch Outer Glow‘s latest single “Monsters” off the upcoming EP below.

Connect with Outer Glow:

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Outer Glow is a 6 piece North Carolina Metal band formed in July of 2016 with Chris Watts and former I See Stars vocalist Zach Johnson. The band began an aggressive online campaign via social media to get the word out about the band which at the start also had Outline & Color bassist Michael Skaggs who later left the band. The band went to release two debut singles in 2016 ‘Sycophant’ and ‘All That Talk’ which featured Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King, With new members being rotated in the lineup settled with dual frontmen Chris Watts/Zach Johnson, Guitars featuring Kandon Monk and Paco Vergara who also does cleans, Bass with John Hicks and Drew Knoeller on drums. The band later announced their debut EP ‘Lunar//Effect’ for 2017 with the single ‘Monsters’ which was produced by Kile Odell of Failure Anthem. The release date of June 30th also coincided with the band’s debut show in Greensboro, NC.

Ten Cents Short Release Music Video for “Higher Powers”

Many are familiar with the story of a band signing to a big deal and then having everything changed about them, but the Massachusetts pop-punk quartet Ten Cents Short take the concept to the next level in the cheeky new music video for their single “Higher Powers”. The band narrowly makes it out the song’s intro before they are stopped and some “changes” are made, which only get increasingly more aggressive as the tale unfolds.

‘Higher Powers’ is a song about working hard and putting your all into something, meanwhile someone else gets all the glory,” says vocalist/bassist Aaron Couto. “The moral of the song is to always stand for what you believe in and don’t let anyone be your puppet master.

The video for “Higher Powers” was directed by Dan Fried at Just fly Casual and is off the band’s upcoming sophomore EP Major Steps, Minor Setbacks that will be released on May 26th. The record was co-written, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Chris Piquette at No Boundaries Studios, with the exception of the single “Beggars” that was co-written and produced by Four Year Strong‘s Alan Day. Pre-orders are available now on the band’s website.

Saturday May 27th – @ The Met in Pawtucket, RI
RSVP to the event here.

About Ten Cents Short:
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Ten Cents Short was founded in Somerset, MA in February of 2014. The band released their debut EP All I Ever Wanted in May of 2015 followed by a single in December of that year. Ten Cents Short currently has plans for a Sophomore EP to be released spring 2017. With new music and a growing fan base, Ten Cents Short has their eyes fixed on a journey of fans, friends, and success in the music industry. Positive attitudes continue to drive the band to fulfill their dreams and provide their fans with high energy music and inspiring personalities.

FEATURE: Audionerve (Ex Static-X,Omega Diatribe,Monastery)Release Debut Single “My Own Enemy”

Sometimes in life it’s a matter of, “good things come to those who wait” or even “it’s not what you know, but who you know”. This is truly the case on both counts for lead guitarist Gergő Hájer from the mighty Omega Diatribe, as he enlists the help of some high profile musicians of the genre, with a side project that is set to blow the back wall out of the industry.

Currently a studio project, Audionerve are already making headway with their new single “My Own Enemy”. With attention to detail being second nature, the band lead us into familiar territory in the “Groove Metal scene” while stamping their own style with pride, educating us further in to what can be done in this genre. To make this an even more incredible venture, their parts were recorded in different studios on different continents! Set to blaze a trail across the globe to secure their very own place in the rock world domination, Gergő can most certainly stand tall with pride, at not only his achievements, but also for the band of brothers he has by his side.


Gergő Hájer – Lead Guitarist of Omega Diatribe and founder member of Audionerve, is an avid fan of the 90’s/early 2000’s groove metal scene, with bands such as “Slipknot”, “Machine Head”, “Sepultura” “Soulfly”, “KoRn”, “Crowbar” and “Pantera”. These influences are the cornerstone to Audionerve.  Born in Transylvania, but later moved Hungary at 8 years old, Gergő first started to play guitar at 10 years old. He had always been a fan of music, so much so, that he soon got to work sculpting ideas on guitar and cutting his teeth to what we see and hear today.

“Music is a deep and intimate experience,” says Gergő, “because of its magic, where you can say something without words, just in music alone”.

The idea for this band came about in 2013, with a huge collection of songs already written that didn’t quite suit Omega Diatribe. In a recent interview, I asked Gergő what the meaning was behind the name of the band. I was fascinated by his answer; “Your Audionerve is the key to recognize your point of view and vision of the world by your music, that’s it, the way of simplicity”.

Andres Vincze, former Lead Vocalist of Monastery and The Ministers and currently Tilt X and This Is Riot, was born in Valencia, Venezuela, and since 2000 lives in Vienna, Austria. His past bands have performed with “Sepultura”, “Soulfly”, “Testament Hail” and “Marauder”. Andres, deems himself as the more mature member of Audionerve, but where there is age, there is experience as shown above and reflected in his choice of favourite bands such as “Pantera”, “Alice in Chains”, the original “KoRn”, “Deftones”, “Ultraspank”, and “Sepultura”. In a recent interview, I asked Andres how it came about that he joined Audionerve, he replied; “Gergő called me to ask if I can sing some of the songs, and I agreed. A year later he asked me If I could sing all of the songs on the album, the reply was a resounding YES, let’s do it” Although this is a studio project, Andres went on to add; “I am 100% sure we will play live Gigs in the future”.

Living in Las Vegas, Nevada, Nick Oshiro (Seether/Static-X/)  picked up his drumsticks for the very first time at the tender age of 9, and has not let go since, becoming a permanent fixture in Static-X in 2002, replacing original drummer Ken Jay. Influenced by “Abe Cunningham”, “Morgan Rose”, “Carter Beauford” and “Buddy Rich”, Nick sets the pace with precision, and a style to be the envy of any drummer in this genre, setting pulses racing and hearts pounding to maximum effect. Nick, so far has worked with Gergő on this single from the other side of the world with today’s technology. When asked what he thought, Nick said;“The track is slammin, lots of fun listening to it! I love it”!


The track speaks of the anguish emanating from family values and the mental trauma left within, trying to seek the best thing to do through a barrage of different opinions and attitudes, leaving you as your own worst enemy as you try to find solace and your own sanity. The lads steam through this track with the right power and attitude to the subject in hand, giving us the right feel for this single.

There are some great effects used as Andres holds his note, giving you the right mental visual needed through the passion of his performance, helping you relate to the lyrics as first intended. Gergő powers his axe through this truly hard hitting riff, holding its dominance as it looms above you, leaving Nick to drop kick it straight onto your lap ready for another run.

Gergő goes on to say; “Stay tuned for the full-length debut album because it holds allot of magic, and I completely believe in this project 100% and want to share its musical madness with as many people as I can”. With that said, there are some more surprises in store in the line-up on the forthcoming album, so keep your eyes and ears peeled on my links below and the Audionerve pages, as your summer is just about to take a turn for the better.




Article By: Ian Davies

Soldiers Of A Wrong War Release “Yeah!” Music Video; Announce New Album

Italian alternative rock quartet Soldiers Of A Wrong War has released their new party-filled music video titled, “Yeah!” Along with the new single, comes the announcement for the band’s second studio album Countdowns, which follows up on their 2014 three-track EP Slow. The new album is set to release April 18th and is now available for pre-orders via iTunes.

“When we wrote this song we were like: ‘This stuff sounds insanely like one of those rock’n’roll songs that make you wanna instantly dance and have fun!’. If you listen to the song, you can feel influences from the old school rock’n’roll scene of the mid 60s, early 70s, mixed with some alternative rock vibes from the ’90s. The catchphrase in the refrain, which is ‘It doesn’t make much sense, but I like it,’ basically represents the world we live in today.”

“The infosphere is flooded with tons of content through social media every single day and it looks like you really don’t need a reason to like something. Even if it doesn’t make sense, if you see that people share it, then it seems that you have to like it automatically and you just go with the flow, trapped in a system which seems to be designed to decode ourselves and bring our individuality to a point where it’s nearly extinct. Is this what we really want?” – Adin Sulic (bassist)

Watch the “Yeah!” below and pre-order Countdowns here.

Connect with SOAWW:

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“We live, bleed and breathe for music: it’s more than words, melodies and notes mixed up together, music is our lifeblood, it is where we thrive!”

Soldiers Of A Wrong War formed in 2007. Since the very beginning the guys took seriously their musical interests and after a few months they started to write their own music. After almost a year the band began recording their material in studio, recording at first a three tracks EP in 2009 and then, on January 2011, their first full length album, “Lights & Karma”. Both of the releases were completely self funded.

From the new album are available two singles and music videos: “Save Me” and “Dreamers”. In 2014 the guys released a brand new EP, “Slow” and an official video for the song ‘Slow’ was released too. On June 2016 a new single, “We Will Never Fall”, was released as well as the accompanying visuals via New Noise Magazine. The song is the anticipation of the band’s 2nd studio album, which will be available in early 2017.

If you’re looking for some fresh and sharp rock music that will jump into your ears to conquer your brain, freeze it in a moment of pure pleasure and give it back to you safely refreshed, then Soldiers Of A Wrong War is exactly what you need!

EXCLUSIVE ! DM The God Releases “Loser” Mixtape and Track by Track!

The long wait is finally over! Cleveland MC DM The God has finally released his long waited Mitape “Loser” as a Heart Riot Exclusive! We also had DM sit down for an exclusive track by track explanation of each song on the mixtape. Sit back, press play. and read along to each track!

The Top- This one was made to explain that I just make music because I love it. I mean, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to make it big at all, but the main thing for me is having a release for everything bin my brain, and that’s music. I make it because I love it.

New Soul- New soul was a reinvention of sorts. Almost a re-branding. For a while I was still trying to find my voice in music so I never really felt like it was me. But now I know who I am and I want to represent that in my music. So this song was a way of saying “this is the new me.”

Work ft. Benji C – Exactly the title. Haha. The song is about work. Not my Day job, but working on music. Which I always say is my second job. So its just a track that goes hard about clocking in and doing it thing .

For the Record- A PSA of the cockiness I have lol no. It’s filled with bars like “I’m the best at everything I do” which is kind of cliche in this genre honestly but, I made it to say that I put in and excessive amount of work for years and years to get where I am, so I know I’m good at it. It’s more of confidence than cockiness, though a thin line it may be.

Countless Time- I was all bin the feels with this song. Just thinking about past relationships and moving on and all that. So I’ve heard the same story “countless times” so I just had to go and do my own thing and try to find the right person.

Clones ft C~Frost – This was a fun one to record. It’s a weird beat but i love it. The topic is pretty simple, Clones. Everyone sounds the same. Some of my favorite bars in the song says “I’m tired of you bitches all sounding the same/ youre all sounding lame, with the same damn name / with the same old flow that nus easy to repeat/ take back your microphone I hope you got the receipt” Which is pretty self explanatory with this generation all having “lil so and so” or “young whatever” over the same trap beat with simple rhyme patterns. Clones.

Loser- The title track for the mixtape . Its kind of an ironic track. But it’s more about being proud of the “Loser” label. I was picked on growing up. Getting called a nerd, geek, freak, spaz.. loser, all of that. But through it all I’ve stayed true to myself. I never changed. I never switched up who I was. So this track is pretty much saying I’m cool with being a loser, because I’m still realer than a lot of people-n nowadays. Everyone’s always trying to put on this “thug/gangster” persona. I grew up in a hood environment. So I literally do have that background and im still a nerdy ass loser. I’m me.

Doin’ This for Eratik- Just a banger. It’s a track talking about how you may be making music or doing something of the sort that i do. But you don’t do it like me.

Connect ft Jonny Bobak & Jupiter – This is the sexy song haha no. I’m terrible at the cliche “sexy songs” with me being a hopeless romantic and all. But it’s always fun to push myself and dabble into genres and topics i don’t normally do. So this is what that is.

With an Actress ft Wolfe St Marquise – One big 4 minute metaphor. Haha. It’s pretty much saying don’t mess around with fake women. Just using a ton of actress and movie references hence the title. It was definitely a fun track bro record the instrumental is very upbeat so it makes for a fun song

Ralph Macchio – THE KARATE KID! I did this just to have fun honestly, this is why I love making music. I was hype as hell recording this song and I’m just as hype when I perform it. I love Ralph Macchio. So this song is sort of a homage to him as well as saying “I’m the kid” or I’m the one haha.

Addicted ft Lance Waste – A love song with drug references. Which is funny because I don’t do drugs. But I’ve had to deal with them throughout my life whether it be family or friends. but anyways, this is a “your love is my drug” kind of song. Because love can fuck you up just as much if not worse than some drugs.

Hungover – The aftermath of addicted. Haha Nawh. This one I wrote while I was hungover from a night out. So I wrote about how sore I was and how my head was pounding but I still had to go to work. And it talks about how when you feel that sick, you never want to see a beer again, burnt-out know for a fact as soon as you’re better you’re gonna do the same damn thing again. It’s a chill track with some nice relatable lyrics so I love it.

Gods ft Prometheus – This track I wanted to just go hard. It was one of the first tracks I recorded while thinking about changing my MC name to “DM the God”. I’m a pretty big fan of mythology so it was extremely fun to incorporate some of that over a bass heavy beat and just go off.

History ft C-Reckless – Bordering narcissism mixed with syllabic rhyming. This was a kind of cocky track. Like a “History is written by the victors” so everyone is “History” because I won. Haha. Another metaphors track, but I love this one. Definitely one of my favorite recorded verses to date.

BONUS* Cancer Cover Cover – A cover of Twenty One Pilots cover of My Chemical Romance’s song “Cancer” both bands are pretty big in my life especially MCR. I grew up with them being a huge musical influence in my life and they still are. And twenty one pilots did a cover that I loved just as much as the original so I was like you know what. Let me do it to. I recorded a cover version of both. But I liked this one more. So I wanted to share it.

Lower Still Stream Debut Full Length Album "Those Who Dream"

Los Angeles based indie band Lower Still are releasing their debut full length titled, “Those Who Dream“. With a background of melodic hardcore and now to the indie rock market, the band brings together a new twist to indie rock with melodic guitars and emotional yet powerful vocals that will make you want to listen to the album front to back.

“Music has always been my most healthy outlet and a way for me to express the depths of my heart. I wrote this album in 2016 which was a very hard year for me (as it was for many),” said vocalist, Eric Masterson. “This album is a chronicle of things I wanted to say but never could, of love and loss, of secret battles with depression, anxiety, insomnia and suicidal thoughts, of lost friendship and loneliness, of insurmountable defeat with little victories along the way. These are my stories.

Following the band’s inception in 2015, the quintet has been cultivating their sound into what is their new release. You can stream “Those Who Dream” below and purchase the album on iTunes.

“I poured my heart, soul, and much more more into this album. I hope it could one day mean as much to you guys as it does to me.” – Masterson

About Lower Still:

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Lower Still is a Los Angeles-based indie band founded by singer and songwriter Eric Masterson. Conceived from the ashes of a Melodic Hardcore band in 2015, you can still hear the “hardcore” in traces of his music. That same year, Eric released Lower Still’s first EP entitled “The Winter Has Changed Me” to great acclaim. Joined in 2016 by lead guitarist Michael Irizarry, the acoustic duo performed in clubs and coffee shops before quickly evolving into a full 5-piece band.