Chillwave/R&B artist Amber Ryann Releases New EP with an Introspective Video Series

California chillwave/R&B artist Amber Ryann‘s new record Voice Memos is truly a “behind the looking glass” attempt at self-discovery. In an effort to give the listener a better understanding of the record’s message, Ryann has released an accompanied video for each song, all filmed by Darius Turbak. It begins with the silhouetted title track and leads into the wavy, atmospheric pop single “For Real” featuring rapper Airospace.

Another special guest on the record includes “Like I’m Gonna Die” featuring Samantha Stone. The mood within the song’s lyricism is lonesome, sorry, and bitter, and is a constant question of purpose. When writing it, Ryann had been in a state of exhausted hopelessness. It’s a story on reflection, days in which she dealt with intense depression and endured a period of binging. “I had brought so much ill will upon myself to alleviate my own pain, at some point I felt destined to fail so I no longer wanted to try. ” says Ryann.

Although her music has a conscious hip-hop quality, Ryann first recognized her passion for music after seeing the My Chemical Romance video for “Helena” and watching Gerard Way’s emotionally intensive delivery. She consumed a healthy dose of rock and hardcore in the years to follow, but when her father, a rap/R&B producer, encouraged her to branch out, that’s when she really began to grow as a multi-instrumentalist. The new record is Ryann’s effort to find where she stands in a world with social and racial turmoil, and how her empathy plays a role.

Voice Memos is available now on Bandcamp.

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Amber Ryann Releases Underwater Music Video for New Single “For Real”

California chillwave/R&B artist Amber Ryann‘s new record Voice Memos will arrive on August 4th, but today you can hear the first single “For Real” featuring rapper Airospace. The wavy, atmospheric pop track swims in a subterranean vibe, beginning with a delicate guitar lick that is soon washed out by Ryann’s lyrics that tackle some heavy emotions.

The track is about opening up and feeling weighed down by the stigma that comes with talking about the issues you constantly suppress,” says Ryann. “Feeling no sense of comfort in the people that you don’t think can understand your struggle and only finding solace in the people that find themselves in the same type of distress. This video depicts a world between “peace of mind” in my own thoughts and preconceptions and instills a feeling of urgency to relieve those thoughts and gasp for air.

Although her music has a Lorde meets Halsey quality, Ryann first recognized her passion for music after seeing the My Chemical Romance video for “Helena” and watching Gerard Way’s emotionally intensive delivery. She consumed a healthy dose of rock and hardcore in the years to follow, but when her father, a rap/R&B producer, encouraged her to branch out, that’s when she really began to grow as a multi-instrumentalist. The new record is Ryann’s effort to find where she stands in a world with social and racial turmoil, and how her empathy plays a role.

Pre-order Voice Memos now on Bandcamp.

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EXCLUSIVE ! DM The God Releases “Loser” Mixtape and Track by Track!

The long wait is finally over! Cleveland MC DM The God has finally released his long waited Mitape “Loser” as a Heart Riot Exclusive! We also had DM sit down for an exclusive track by track explanation of each song on the mixtape. Sit back, press play. and read along to each track!

The Top- This one was made to explain that I just make music because I love it. I mean, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to make it big at all, but the main thing for me is having a release for everything bin my brain, and that’s music. I make it because I love it.

New Soul- New soul was a reinvention of sorts. Almost a re-branding. For a while I was still trying to find my voice in music so I never really felt like it was me. But now I know who I am and I want to represent that in my music. So this song was a way of saying “this is the new me.”

Work ft. Benji C – Exactly the title. Haha. The song is about work. Not my Day job, but working on music. Which I always say is my second job. So its just a track that goes hard about clocking in and doing it thing .

For the Record- A PSA of the cockiness I have lol no. It’s filled with bars like “I’m the best at everything I do” which is kind of cliche in this genre honestly but, I made it to say that I put in and excessive amount of work for years and years to get where I am, so I know I’m good at it. It’s more of confidence than cockiness, though a thin line it may be.

Countless Time- I was all bin the feels with this song. Just thinking about past relationships and moving on and all that. So I’ve heard the same story “countless times” so I just had to go and do my own thing and try to find the right person.

Clones ft C~Frost – This was a fun one to record. It’s a weird beat but i love it. The topic is pretty simple, Clones. Everyone sounds the same. Some of my favorite bars in the song says “I’m tired of you bitches all sounding the same/ youre all sounding lame, with the same damn name / with the same old flow that nus easy to repeat/ take back your microphone I hope you got the receipt” Which is pretty self explanatory with this generation all having “lil so and so” or “young whatever” over the same trap beat with simple rhyme patterns. Clones.

Loser- The title track for the mixtape . Its kind of an ironic track. But it’s more about being proud of the “Loser” label. I was picked on growing up. Getting called a nerd, geek, freak, spaz.. loser, all of that. But through it all I’ve stayed true to myself. I never changed. I never switched up who I was. So this track is pretty much saying I’m cool with being a loser, because I’m still realer than a lot of people-n nowadays. Everyone’s always trying to put on this “thug/gangster” persona. I grew up in a hood environment. So I literally do have that background and im still a nerdy ass loser. I’m me.

Doin’ This for Eratik- Just a banger. It’s a track talking about how you may be making music or doing something of the sort that i do. But you don’t do it like me.

Connect ft Jonny Bobak & Jupiter – This is the sexy song haha no. I’m terrible at the cliche “sexy songs” with me being a hopeless romantic and all. But it’s always fun to push myself and dabble into genres and topics i don’t normally do. So this is what that is.

With an Actress ft Wolfe St Marquise – One big 4 minute metaphor. Haha. It’s pretty much saying don’t mess around with fake women. Just using a ton of actress and movie references hence the title. It was definitely a fun track bro record the instrumental is very upbeat so it makes for a fun song

Ralph Macchio – THE KARATE KID! I did this just to have fun honestly, this is why I love making music. I was hype as hell recording this song and I’m just as hype when I perform it. I love Ralph Macchio. So this song is sort of a homage to him as well as saying “I’m the kid” or I’m the one haha.

Addicted ft Lance Waste – A love song with drug references. Which is funny because I don’t do drugs. But I’ve had to deal with them throughout my life whether it be family or friends. but anyways, this is a “your love is my drug” kind of song. Because love can fuck you up just as much if not worse than some drugs.

Hungover – The aftermath of addicted. Haha Nawh. This one I wrote while I was hungover from a night out. So I wrote about how sore I was and how my head was pounding but I still had to go to work. And it talks about how when you feel that sick, you never want to see a beer again, burnt-out know for a fact as soon as you’re better you’re gonna do the same damn thing again. It’s a chill track with some nice relatable lyrics so I love it.

Gods ft Prometheus – This track I wanted to just go hard. It was one of the first tracks I recorded while thinking about changing my MC name to “DM the God”. I’m a pretty big fan of mythology so it was extremely fun to incorporate some of that over a bass heavy beat and just go off.

History ft C-Reckless – Bordering narcissism mixed with syllabic rhyming. This was a kind of cocky track. Like a “History is written by the victors” so everyone is “History” because I won. Haha. Another metaphors track, but I love this one. Definitely one of my favorite recorded verses to date.

BONUS* Cancer Cover Cover – A cover of Twenty One Pilots cover of My Chemical Romance’s song “Cancer” both bands are pretty big in my life especially MCR. I grew up with them being a huge musical influence in my life and they still are. And twenty one pilots did a cover that I loved just as much as the original so I was like you know what. Let me do it to. I recorded a cover version of both. But I liked this one more. So I wanted to share it.

Cleveland Rapper Kidd Crash Releases New DeMarcus Cousins Inspired Song

Cleveland artist Kidd Crash has released his latest single, In The Paint, via his youtube page. Kidd Crash, who is part of Go Get Em Ent!. had this to say of his new single:

“This track here was inspired by Drake and DeMarcus Cousins. This is a song you can work out too, party too, play basketball too because of my catchy cadence. I did my own mixing and mastering”

Check out the track below!


2017 Warped Tour Lineup Announced!

Warped Tour has announced the lineup of their 2017 tour. Below are the bands and the stages. See you in the pit!


Attila (6/16 – 7/2, 7/6 – 8/6)
Bowling For Soup (6/27 – 7/2, 7/26, 7/27, 7/29, 7/30)
Futuristic (6/16 – 6/23, 6/25 – 8/6)
Hawthorne Heights
I Prevail
Jule Vera
New Years Day
Sammy Adams (6/16 – 7/28, 8/1 – 8/6)
Watsky (6/17 – 7/14, 7/16 – 7/18, 7/20, 7/21, 7/23 – 8/6)
Never Shout Never (6/27 – 7/7)

The Adolescents
The Alarm (7/7 – 7/16, 8/4 – 8/6)
Anti-Flag (6/27 – 7/24)
The Ataris (6/16 – 8/1)
Bad Cop/Bad Cop
The Dickies (6/16 – 6/22, 6/24, 6/25)
Doll Skin (6/16 – 6/25)
Fire From The Gods
Municipal Waste (6/16 – 7/2, 7/7 – 8/6)
Sick Of It All (6/21 – 8/6)
Strung Out (6/16 – 7/11, 8/4 – 8/6)
Suicide Machines (7/18 – 7/21)
T.S.O.L. (7/22 – 8/6)
Valient Thorr

Alestorm (6/21 – 8/6)
Bad Seed Rising (6/16 – 7/4)
Barb Wire Dolls
Big D And The Kids Table (7/6 –7/16)
Riverboat Gamblers (7/29, 7/30)
Sonic Boom Six
Stacked Like Pancakes (7/18 – 8/6)
Street Dogs (7/6 – 7/16)
Twilight Creeps (8/4 – 8/6)
War On Women
The White Noise
William Control

Bad Omens (7/4 – 7/24)
Boston Manor
Carousel Kings (6/15 – 7/5)
Courage My Love
The Dukes
Eternal Boy
The Fantastic Plastics (6/16 – 7/2)
Farewell Winters
The Gospel Youth
Knocked Loose
Naked Walrus (6/23, 6/24)
One Last Shot (7/7 – 7/10)
Playboy Manbaby (6/22, 8/6)
Sarah and The Safe Word
Separations (7/6 – 7/24)
Shattered Sun (7/26 – 8/6)
tiLLie (7/26 – 8/6)
Trophy Eyes

The Acacia Strain
Being As An Ocean
Candiria (6/21 – 8/6)
Fit For A King
Hatebreed (6/21 – 8/6)
Silent Planet
Stick To Your Guns (6/16 – 7/2, 7/6 – 8/6)

After The Burial
Sworn In
Too Close To Touch

American Authors (6/16 – 7/19, 7/21 – 8/6)
Andy Black
Beartooth (6/28 – 8/6)
Dance Gavin Dance
Goldfinger (6/16, 6/17, 8/4 – 8/6)
Hands Like Houses
Memphis May Fire
Neck Deep
Our Last Night
Save Ferris (6/22 – 8/1, 8/5)
Streetlight Manifesto (6/24)

Atlanta Rapper Kanayo King Releases New Song “Pot of Gold”


Kanayo King, a Nigerian-American rapper, songwriter, and producer from Atlanta, has just unleashed his newest track to the awaiting masses. The track, entitled “Pot of Gold,” is the follow up to his hit single “Tonight” with both being produced by EMAK. Both tracks will be featured on his forthcoming The Kanayo Complex that will be released later this year. Kanayo King, while relatively new, started his musical career early in life and has been recommended for fans of Fetty WapFutureMigos, and Rich Homie Quan already.

It’s the greatest love story never told. The record explains a previous situation that I was in, but creates an opportunity for my story to actually be heard. Too often, we don’t get to vocalize our side of what happened. Sometimes pride gets in the way, sometimes we just don’t know how to say what needs to be said. The record is full of unapologetic apologies that explain a man’s bag full of broken hearts.” – Kanayo King

Buy on iTunes

About Kanayo King:

Kanayo King is a Nigerian-American recording artist, songwriter, and music producer from Atlanta. He started his musical career early in life, writing and producing music throughout the city while gaining a reputation for making catchy, relatable music that gets the club going and captivates the streets. In May of 2016 he firmly burst onto the scene with his single “Tonight” that has acuminated over 35 thousand plays on Soundcloud alone. Kanayo King hopes to use that success to propel his debut album, entitled The Kanayo Complex, that is set to be released later this year.


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