Counterfeit Culture Release “Apothecary” Lyric Video Featuring Ricky Armellino

Post-hardcore act Counterfeit Culture has released their second single, “Apothecary” featuring Ricky Armellino of This Or The Apocalypse. The new lyric video talk about the purpose of the band’s message and the severity of domestic abuse, which is a reoccurring theme in the group’s newly announced, debut EP, Deathwish, which is set to release August 1st.

“Each of our music videos/songs have a message pertaining to an issue in society, (drug abuse, domestic abuse, etc), and our vision is to be more than just musicians, we want to be activists. The four of us want to help shift focus onto more important issues and prevent further damage to those who are lost or unheard,” says, vocalist, Nick Broglio.

In early 2017, the quartet went into the studio with Armellino (This Or The ApocalypseCurrents), who produced and engineered, what is now Deathwish. Mixed and mastered by Taylor Lawson (PeripheryDarkest Hour), the group shows promise with more to come after the release of this three track EP. Pre-orders are available at Counterfeit Culture‘s web-store.

“This EP has been a very emotional release for us. The feelings that went into each song have come from experiences in our lives and in the lives of people around us. Our goal is to portray those difficulties that we and others face in an attempt to shed light on real-life issues in society,” Broglio comments.

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Vault 51 Drops Second Single “Magnolia” & Announce Debut EP

Atlanta rock quintet Vault 51 has released a new single titled, “Magnolia“, which follows up on their recent debut single, “Thirty Six“. The new release continues with the outfit’s colorful rock vibe with melodic driven riffs and clean harmonious singing, giving a glimpse on what’s to come from Vault 51.

“We chose to release Magnolia as a single, because we felt it was an appropriate song to reflect the overall theme that our EP gives off. That is, the idea that as we grow older, life seems to pass us by more and more quickly. Life is constantly ticking by, whether you want it to or not. And we spend so much of that time completely wasted. Everyone wants to create something beautiful before they die. To leave their mark on the world. We all start from nothing and strive to grow into something beautiful, much like a Magnolia flower.” -Vocalist, Landon Jones

Along with the new single, comes the announcement of the rock group’s debut EP Kid. Produced by Drew Fulk (I Prevail, Motionless In White) and mixed by Lee Rouse, the forthcoming EP is set to release July 20th. You can purchase the new single “Magnolia” on iTunes and watch the colorful visual below.

About Vault 51:

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Vault 51 is an alternative rock quintet from Atlanta, GA. Despite facing many obstacles that would force most to disband and move on, the group instead chose to persevere and press on with what they set out to accomplish. After years of developing their unique sound, Vault 51 is thrilled to release their debut EP ‘Kid’, available July 20th, 2017.


Going In Depth with Forever Strong

Forever Strong recently released a two track ep, entitled “Spring EP”. We love it. It’s wonderful. You will love it. The band is currently in the middle of a Midwest tour.  We asked Ryan to go in depth on what each track was about. Before you read the following, head to:

and give the songs a listen. Then read along! Enjoy!


While playing this song live, I often say, “2016 really sucked, so I wrote a song about it,” but as every emo soul knows, there’s so much more to it than that.

This song was the first pure collaborative effort between all four members of Forever Strong. Whereas most of our other songs existed as solo material, or before we were a four-piece, this began with a bouncy guitar riff that Greg had shown me. It came together as this upbeat song with underlying aggression woven into the instrumentation. The development of the music was very organic, and the skeleton of the song came together in practically one sitting.

When it came time for lyrics Greg had written a couple pages of material that he suggested we use. The lyrics were ripe with cynicism and fear of the future, as well as a struggle to maintain any sort of happiness in the present. I tend to try and write with an overarching theme of hopefulness, even in the face of depression and despair. So I took Greg’s lyrics and combined them with my own recent experiences.

The past year had been filled with long-term friendships being altered, and even severed. I had faced more adversity and mental pain than I ever had before. I saw loved ones struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. I saw people I had known for over a decade manipulate everyone around them and burn every bridge imaginable. I had this fear that I could be stuck in this same town and succumb to the same vices that so many of my peers have. But I had this thought. This situation right now sucks, but this isn’t going to define my life. I chose to stop listening to my brain or my surroundings when they would say “This is where you’re meant to be. Right here. Get used to this, because it doesn’t get better”. I responded with the chorus of 2016,

The phrase “pessimistic wasted reverie” really resonated with me, because I always get stuck in these daydreams, and sometimes they’re really cynical, but that’s a waste of a daydream. I should be setting goals and accepting the love that surrounds me. The song ends with a bridge of dueling vocals. I absolutely love old school Brand New and Taking Back Sunday, so I wanted to incorporate a similar style into this song. While the song climaxes with these cries of desperation, we revert back to that happy intro riff as a reminder that things do resolve, and that the life we live is ours, and we get to choose how we live it. I think that’s pretty great.



This is a very old song. I had written this song in 2014 when I was graduating college, and I was at a social event with a lot of the seniors that I knew. I was standing around with these people that I’ve spent pretty significant amounts of time with for the past four years, yet I was by myself, watching other people in circles chat and laugh and smile. These people were some of my closest friends, but I felt so detached and uncomfortable at that point in time. I would walk up to a group of people, and try to get involved in the conversation, but it felt very forced. In the midst of my friends, I felt like I was the only person on a space station. It was an irrational feeling, but my social anxiety comes in waves and prevents me from interacting how I want. It made me depressed.

I went home and began writing what seemed like a journal entry, but my mind thinks in phrases, and a song emerged. Every single line in this song was a legitimate thought that I had. The chorus may have the cute little phrase, “I’m a lone ranger at the space station,” but this is the furthest thing from a cutesy pop rock song. I always felt like I was involved in so many “cool” moments in my social circle in college, but I didn’t ever feel like I was too close to the center of it (hence the line “My Kodak moments never involve me”).

Perhaps my favorite segment of lyrics in this song comes in the first verse. “These people are having the greatest time, but I prefer to stay inside my mind. And think of all the places I’d rather be. Roughly somewhere between the land and the sea.” This line encapsulates the message of the entire song. Everyone around me is having a good time, and I’m also present, experiencing this, but my mind prevents me from feeling the same way. I get stuck inside my thoughts, and I’d rather be on this extremely fine line between reality and fantasy.

When I presented this song to the band, we tried to keep it simple, driving, and full of energy. We had played it so much that we began to get tired of it, but then becoming a four-piece changed everything. We switched off vocals between Greg, Daniel, and myself, and added a tempo change in the last chorus. We wanted to keep this song fun, despite the overwhelming theme of anxiety. Much like 2016, it’s a song that thrives on uplifting music to make the content much more digestible.



Molehill Share Their New Single “Reverie”

Progressive indie rock band Molehill from Chicago has released the second single from their upcoming EP Hearts on Fire. The track “Reverie” is an electronic/organic hybrid that tells the story of losing someone, but being thankful for the influence they had on you.

The lyrics are about my father, who died when I was 6 years old,” says vocalist Peter Manhart. “Throughout my life, I have met many people who had stories about how great a man my dad was, how smart or funny or kind he was, how he helped so many people, or how he was this amazing piano player. However, to me, his legacy is more than just a story – ‘you left them a story to tell, but you made me the person I am’.

Sometimes a song comes together very quickly and other times, it requires a little more attention. The latter being the case with “Reverie” explains Manhart. “It started as a 3-chord bridge in one of Greg’s (keys/vocals) other ideas which I really dug and turned into its own song. After cycling through many treatments for the song, we finally settled on this organic/synth hybrid – which is a direction we find ourselves taking more and more.” The track combines elements of their 2015 EP Tin God like the more synth-heavy approach heard on the track “The Repeating” and a more sparse, organic arrangement in “Two Souls.”

Hearts on Fire will be released via all digital retailers on May 12th and is available for pre-order here. The band will be performing at this year’s Canadian Music Week on April 21st at Cherry Cola’s.

“Reverie” and the EP’s title track are also available on Spotify.

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Nine Inch Nails Announce New Lineup

Nine Inch Nails has announced a new live touring lineup via cryptic photo on all of their social media pages. The band will be performing headlining shows as well as taking part in several festivals this summer.

The new lineup includes frontman Trent Reznor, Robin Fink on guitar, Alessandro Cortini on keys, Ilan Rubin on drums and Atticus Ross.

Nine Inch Nails releases the ep “Not the Actual Events” last year and promises two more eps in 2017.

.bipolar. Release New Single "Ernest" From Upcoming 'Seven EP'


Las Vegas based Metal band .bipolar. have released their new single “Ernest” from the upcoming Seven EP which will be released on January 28th. The self produced EP was recorded at Hideout Studios in Las Vegas, NV and was engineered by Shawn McGhee. The video / album release show will take place at Adrenaline Sports Bar & Grill on January 28th with special guests DiM.Levitron, and QUOR. Info on the show is available HERE.

The SEVEN EP will feature four brand new songs taking the band into a more technical direction than we have been before. This is our Seventh studio album that was birthed from a new direction with guitarists Jaisen and Kevin. We have a solid foundation now to craft our next EP and look forward to it’s release. – Charlie (Vocals)

About .bipolar.

[From In Their Own Words: Smash Magazine Issue 77]

Eight years are behind us in the city of sin. Eight years of growth, evolution, accomplishments with the ever-changing desert as our backdrop.

While playing on almost every stage in this town (that will allow metal) we’ve watched the metal scene transcend a dusty cloud of impoverishment and become fruitful; pushing forth greater venues, more talented musicians and a plexus of community between the bands. While there is always the need for further growth the current state is far more productive than when we had first moved here from Sacramento in 2008.

.bipolar. was birthed in Northern California in 2003. We were recognized in 2004 as Best Metal band by the Sacramento News & Review played hundreds of shows and put out four albums over the span of six years.

Vocalist, Charlie and drummer Brian moved to Charlie’s former home of Las Vegas for personal growth during the recession still with the hopes of continuing .bipolar. Within a few months we played our first Las Vegas show at the now defunct Farm and begun the plunge into the Vegas metal scene.

Two EPs, hundreds of shows, a couple Vegas Rocks Award nominations and a few guitarists later we haven’t regretted the move one bit.

The band now consists of Chris Kmit as bassist, Kevin Lemus and Jaisen Hinds as guitarists joining Brian on drums and Charlie as vocalist.

We’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as a DIY metal band while producing great music we are passionate about and giving 110% at our shows. The music we are writing now and the shows we have planned don’t stray from our goals and promise to be as savage as ever.

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In Lights Announce “Running With Scissors” EP


Pop punk rockers In Lights has announced their debut EP, Running With Scissors which is set to release on July 1st. Since forming in April of 2015, the four piece has been cultivating their sound and with the help of Josh Buckner who mixed and master the new EP, the band has done just that.

“We’ve put a lot of hard work into this album. I’d like to thank Josh for all his effort in helping us really find our sound. This EP really means a lot to us, especially lyrically to me, so we hope you love this as much as we do.” – Vocalist, Tanner MayDay

The 4-track EP has two already released singles, Running With Scissors and Turn Tables.

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More About In Lights:

Forming in April of 2015 but not yet arriving on the scene until February 2016, In Lights was an internet project that all started when Ilya Turov (Guitar) contacted Tanner MayDay (Vocals) via Facebook. The band consisted of members of previous bands of Ilya’s. Members were moved around until the line up settled with Tanner MayDay (Vocals), Isaac Orue (Guitar), Ilya Turov (Guitar), and Grant Herrmann (Drums). Ilya, stationed in Almaty, Kazakstan, had 4 tracks in pre production. Tanner stepped in to help revise and write vocals.

Eventually, In Lights worked with Josh Buckner to perfect their EP. Ilya and Tanner both brought inspiration from different sides of the spectrum. Ilya helped bring the strong, catchy, hard hitting riffs in songs such as “One Year Down” and “Running With Scissors”. In the bridges of “Play Your Cards Right, Kid” and “Turn Tables”, Tanner helped bring a whole new feel to things.

With new members Isaac and Grant, In Lights is currently in the studio writing and recording their debut record. Expected to be released this summer with brand new ideas from both Isaac and Grant, be ready for a whole new feel to the sound as well as innovative ideas.