Darkraizard Releases Royalty Free Music For Streamers

Musician, gamer, and content creator from Willowick, Ohio, Rob Kaplowitz, under his moniker Darkraizard, creates enjoyable, royalty free music for other content creators. The music is free to use in their streams, tiktoks, snapchats, youtube videos, podcasts, etc., without the risk of DMCA strikes.

Kaplowitz, who is an affiliated Twitch streamer boasting a robust community of fans along with sponsorships from Razer and Maingear, says music like his helps grow the online community, worry free. “Royalty free music, to me, is great because it gives content creators something to use in the background of their content, and there are no risks involved, or royalties to be paid.” says Kaplowitz, “No negotiating with labels and/or Performance Rights Organizations. No copyright claims, or DMCA strikes. Making one less thing to worry about when making content, so you can go on enjoying what you do.” 

One of the tracks,  “In Only A Year” was written to capture how 2020 left a lot of us feeling. With a simple start of kick bass and snare, the song represents the limitless options for where the year could take us, through the hardships we all faced, and ending with a plethora of guitar tracks coming together to bring hope: to light the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

Kaplowitz, who has been an avid gamer since childhood, has found an ever growing audience online, enabling him to share his passion for gaming and music. “Gaming has always been something I have been passionate about,” says Kaplowitz, “From my childhood days of playing Goldeneye 007, to competing in Tournaments for Call of Duty, and Halo. When I found out about a platform that people use to play and enjoy those games, and stream it in real time to an audience, I had to jump on board. Then when DMCA issues started to become an issue for smaller streaming communities, and smaller content creators, I finally found a fitting place for my music writing, and production skills.

You can find Darkrizard on Twitch, three to four nights a week, playing games with viewers and supporters, writing new music, previewing upcoming songs, chatting and hanging out at: www.twitch.tv/darkraizard. You can be part of his community, meet fellow gamers, and streamers, and learn more about his music in his discord https://discord.gg/k25BUGR

Darkraizard’s entire royalty free playlist can be found here:

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