FEATURE: Audionerve (Ex Static-X,Omega Diatribe,Monastery)Release Debut Single “My Own Enemy”

Sometimes in life it’s a matter of, “good things come to those who wait” or even “it’s not what you know, but who you know”. This is truly the case on both counts for lead guitarist Gergő Hájer from the mighty Omega Diatribe, as he enlists the help of some high profile musicians of the genre, with a side project that is set to blow the back wall out of the industry.

Currently a studio project, Audionerve are already making headway with their new single “My Own Enemy”. With attention to detail being second nature, the band lead us into familiar territory in the “Groove Metal scene” while stamping their own style with pride, educating us further in to what can be done in this genre. To make this an even more incredible venture, their parts were recorded in different studios on different continents! Set to blaze a trail across the globe to secure their very own place in the rock world domination, Gergő can most certainly stand tall with pride, at not only his achievements, but also for the band of brothers he has by his side.


Gergő Hájer – Lead Guitarist of Omega Diatribe and founder member of Audionerve, is an avid fan of the 90’s/early 2000’s groove metal scene, with bands such as “Slipknot”, “Machine Head”, “Sepultura” “Soulfly”, “KoRn”, “Crowbar” and “Pantera”. These influences are the cornerstone to Audionerve.  Born in Transylvania, but later moved Hungary at 8 years old, Gergő first started to play guitar at 10 years old. He had always been a fan of music, so much so, that he soon got to work sculpting ideas on guitar and cutting his teeth to what we see and hear today.

“Music is a deep and intimate experience,” says Gergő, “because of its magic, where you can say something without words, just in music alone”.

The idea for this band came about in 2013, with a huge collection of songs already written that didn’t quite suit Omega Diatribe. In a recent interview, I asked Gergő what the meaning was behind the name of the band. I was fascinated by his answer; “Your Audionerve is the key to recognize your point of view and vision of the world by your music, that’s it, the way of simplicity”.

Andres Vincze, former Lead Vocalist of Monastery and The Ministers and currently Tilt X and This Is Riot, was born in Valencia, Venezuela, and since 2000 lives in Vienna, Austria. His past bands have performed with “Sepultura”, “Soulfly”, “Testament Hail” and “Marauder”. Andres, deems himself as the more mature member of Audionerve, but where there is age, there is experience as shown above and reflected in his choice of favourite bands such as “Pantera”, “Alice in Chains”, the original “KoRn”, “Deftones”, “Ultraspank”, and “Sepultura”. In a recent interview, I asked Andres how it came about that he joined Audionerve, he replied; “Gergő called me to ask if I can sing some of the songs, and I agreed. A year later he asked me If I could sing all of the songs on the album, the reply was a resounding YES, let’s do it” Although this is a studio project, Andres went on to add; “I am 100% sure we will play live Gigs in the future”.

Living in Las Vegas, Nevada, Nick Oshiro (Seether/Static-X/)  picked up his drumsticks for the very first time at the tender age of 9, and has not let go since, becoming a permanent fixture in Static-X in 2002, replacing original drummer Ken Jay. Influenced by “Abe Cunningham”, “Morgan Rose”, “Carter Beauford” and “Buddy Rich”, Nick sets the pace with precision, and a style to be the envy of any drummer in this genre, setting pulses racing and hearts pounding to maximum effect. Nick, so far has worked with Gergő on this single from the other side of the world with today’s technology. When asked what he thought, Nick said;“The track is slammin, lots of fun listening to it! I love it”!


The track speaks of the anguish emanating from family values and the mental trauma left within, trying to seek the best thing to do through a barrage of different opinions and attitudes, leaving you as your own worst enemy as you try to find solace and your own sanity. The lads steam through this track with the right power and attitude to the subject in hand, giving us the right feel for this single.

There are some great effects used as Andres holds his note, giving you the right mental visual needed through the passion of his performance, helping you relate to the lyrics as first intended. Gergő powers his axe through this truly hard hitting riff, holding its dominance as it looms above you, leaving Nick to drop kick it straight onto your lap ready for another run.

Gergő goes on to say; “Stay tuned for the full-length debut album because it holds allot of magic, and I completely believe in this project 100% and want to share its musical madness with as many people as I can”. With that said, there are some more surprises in store in the line-up on the forthcoming album, so keep your eyes and ears peeled on my links below and the Audionerve pages, as your summer is just about to take a turn for the better.




Article By: Ian Davies


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