FEATURE: An Ongoing Story

In an age of hi-tech equipment, it’s very refreshing to hear a band with a very simplistic and naturalistic flow to their performance, evoking something very pure and innocent in delivery. The boys and girls of “An Ongoing Story” really tell their tale exactly as it is straight from the heart as well as the hymn sheet, with no airs and graces. From the start, you can really feel the passion behind every word written straight from the soul of life itself.

Although you hear a group from rehearsals to stage and studio, it is purely the brainchild of Christian Evans, an extremely talented visionary from Madison, Ohio, who has been striving to get himself heard and his music out there to the masses. With that said, it is sometimes hard to get your point across alone, and sometimes you need to let go and trust the help of your friends.

That brings me nicely to the Album in question here “The Fear You’ve Built Your Life Around”. What we find in this very creative Album and what stands out here six fold, is a truly amazing group of friends that will go the extra mile in helping not only Christian achieve his dream, but each other also, and if you can find that, then you truly have a match made in heaven, and a recipe for success in the music world, with longevity in the industry. Although New in the industry and still with a long way to go, they are already showing signs of achieving great things. If ever there was a title track to this band I feel it would be track one “Whatever’s Left” as the guitar melody itself is almost a theme tune to the band.

Christian Evans – Guitar/Bass/lead Vocals, has the perfect Emo voice for the job in hand, creating a perfect mix related to the genre, giving us every element of the passion and attitude needed to portray the remorseful flow of anger tainted lyrics found in this band. Creating some beautiful melodies, his guitarmanship evokes a haunting and thought provoking sound, setting the scene in every track almost cradling the lyrics as they leave his lips.

Luke Sabo – Drums sets the pace in a loose yet powerful style bespoke to the genre, hitting some great dynamics in all the right places, in a fashion that’s right on the money. Creating some great fills, Luke has set the engine running perfectly to drive this band.

Tyler Bohinc – Guitar/Backing Vocals, works with his wing man Luke on drums perfectly, not leaving a single inch standing between Bass and kick as he follows the flow of the rhythm section with ease. Vocally, Tyler works well with Christian colouring the air with just the right touch.

Hallie Hertrick – Vocals, certainly packs a punch once in charge of the mic, helping Christian get his point across an with attitude that makes her presence known centre stage. Heard throughout this album within the choir, but promoting herself perfectly within “Don’t Take It Personal” giving Christian the support he needs as they reach out to the masses.

Arielle Tindel – Cello/Synth/Vocals ads a very mournful sound on Cello setting the mood perfectly as she sets a certain emotion with her bow. But keeping herself busy in the band, Arielle lends her hand to some well thought out Synth work building a touch of warmth and ambience in all the right places, whilst joining the choir, offering a very sweet and innocent display of beauty, sending every song the sweetness and light needed through the rage of some vocal lines. Her delivery hits the right spot, helping you visualise the mental storyboard in each track for that harmonious touch. Certainly a good all-rounder and valued member to the team.

Drew Paramore – Glockenspiel, something little used in the modern music scene of any genre, yet adding a very haunting and gothic flow to some compositions. Here just the right touches were used with a “less is more” attitude adding colour in all the right places.


Even though labelled in the Emo category, Christians influences and inspiration comes from the mighty “Nirvana” but his real sound stems from such artists as “Kevin Devine”, “Into It Over It”, “Hellogoodbye”, “The Front Bottoms” and “Chance The Rapper”, a fair mixed bag but lyrically the perfect style to aid his craft. Christian and Guitarist Tyler have been working together on various musical projects since the age of thirteen, with Tyler being given the hard task of unlocking Christian’s brain and offloading his creative talent and helping structure it into what you hear today.

Christian started taking his musical abilities seriously in the sixth grade, and Tyler has been his driving force and wingman ever since. Luke, their ever valuable Drummer, stepped in a year ago and helped turn this project into a full band. Now Christian can relax and not feel so trapped, and spread his wings more creatively with this great team behind him, turning a limited project into a limitless dream, something Christian feels eternally grateful for, in true friends like these.

In a recent interview, I asked Christian what the meaning was behind the name of the band. His answer was quite simple; “My sister wanted a tattoo of a symbol that was supposed to mean an ongoing story, and it just stuck. Originally it was the name of an EP I had called “Generican” but I soon realized how bad that name was and moved forward as An Ongoing Story”.

From Madison and based in Cleveland and Lakewood, Ohio Christian and the band pretty much stay local playing the local circuit but plan on spreading their wings this summer to pastures New. Along the way Christian has played Solo with such acts as: “Koji”, “Mat Kerekes”, “Alomar”, “Annabel”, and “Chase Huglin”, something that has only fuelled his creative juices more into achieving what he has today with plenty of ground work to boot.

 In all, a great little band with heaps of potential in their genre with a passion to succeed, maybe not mainstream, but who knows as the music industry is always evolving and changing like the wind.



As a songwriter and composer, Christian has great creative drive and is most certainly “On the Money”. As a Solo Artist or with the band, Christian’s song writing ability most certainly has the right formula to help him succeed, and in time could lead to greater things. These early days are the most precious in sculpting your craft and Christian is most definitely on the right track.

My Score…… 7/10

My Suggestion……If ever there were three tracks to tempt the listener into buying this album they would be “Whatever’s Left”, “Practically Fine, Take It Or Leave It” and “Don’t take It Personal”


Review by Ian Davies


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